Malakowsky is Fully Booked!

Makenna Rotert, Social Media Coordinator

You may have heard of her name but might not have seen her around, well that’s because Mrs. Malakowsky teaches 6th and 7th-grade reading. If you don’t have her as a teacher you should still give her a nice welcome to Saint James school, she has a lot to give to the students here.

Mrs. Malakowsky
Mrs. Malakosky takes a selfie to share with the school newspaper.

Mrs. Malakowsky has lived in Saint James almost her entire life. She stated, “I am excited to have a bigger impact on my community and in the school. Reading is a passion of mine, and I love sharing books with others! Eventually, I would like to volunteer or join one of the many volunteer groups around Saint James, with the hours I spent at school and traveling to and from Windom I only had time left for my family.”

Even though Malakowsky lives in Saint James, she didn’t teach at this school until this year. She mentioned, ” I taught in Windom for eleven years. I taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 8th grade English.”

Malakowsy attended elementary and high school in Saint James, Class of 1983. Mrs. Malakowsky said, “I went to Willmar Vo-Tech for 18 months to get a secretarial degree- in 2008 I graduated from MSU, Mankato with a teaching degree. In 2010 I graduated from MSU, Mankato with a Master’s in Reading.”

When I asked her about her family she passionately stated, ” I have been married for 30 years to Jeff- we have four children, we have one daughter-in-law, three dogs, and a cat.”

Mrs. Malakowsky knew exactly what she wanted for this school year, not only did it involve the students but she also involved her coworkers. Malakowsky responded, “my plans for the school year are 1) to encourage students to find the JOY in reading, 2) to make personal connections with the students and staff, and 3) to share my stress-reducing baking treats with the staff.”