Think Like a Proton and Stay Positive!

Makenna Rotert, Social Media Coordinator

You may never see Mr. Schmitz in hallways, because his classroom is all the way in the west wing. I understand only a few grades get him, mainly Juniors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t say “Hi” and get to know him,  I have heard very good things about him from some of his students he’s been teaching.

Mr. Schmitz
Mr. Schmitz smiles for a picture.

Mr. Schmitz is not afraid to show his passion for teaching chemistry when he was asked “why he chose Saint James,” his response was, “Well I wanted to teach in a small town again. I live South West of Lake Crystal so it is close to home, and I am really excited to teach Chemistry.”

This is not Mr. Schmitz’s first time teaching, he mentioned “I taught in Mankato before this, and before that I taught in Medford. I taught 7th grade in Mankato, and in Medford, I taught 8th and 9th grade. For my first year, I taught in Garrison North Dakota.” This is Mr. Schmitz’s first year teaching Juniors.

Mr. Schmitz went to Mankato West High School and went to college at North Dakota State in Fargo. Schmitz said, “I also have a Master’s Degree from the University of Nebraska, and I got my teaching degree in Mankato.”

While Mr. Schmitz works here, he has a personal life as well, when Mr. Schmitz was asked about his family he expressed; “I am married. My wife’s name is Annie, she is an English teacher in Maple River. We have a dog and some cats, and we also live close to my parents.”

Mr. Schmitz
Mr. Schmitz poses for the camera while in a canoe.

When setting goals for the school year, you don’t always know what to put for your goals. Not only did Mr. Schmitz set goals for the classroom, but he also set goals at home as well. Schmitz stated, “I want to get to know my students this year, and I hope that I am doing a good job. While at home I hope to keep my driveway snowplowed this winter.”