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Ms. Foss

Ms. Foss poses for a photo

Makenna Rotert , Social Media Coordinator

Have you ever wondered what it was like to speak in a second language? Ms. Foss may not speak a second language but she works with students that have a native language other than English and help support them in classes they take. Fun Fact Ms. Foss won homecoming queen in 2013, her brother John was on homecoming court in 2015, her sister Maddie won homecoming queen in 2016, and her brother Benji won homecoming king in 2019.

Ms. Foss chose to come back to Saint James Foss said, “I came back for student teaching, but I didn’t have to pay for rent and a position opened up here last year and it was so perfect and I decided to come back again.”

Foss worked here for a few months last year, but she is still considered a new teacher. Ms. Foss mentioned, “I did not teach anywhere else, I did teach here for a while last year but this is my first full year here.”

Ms. Foss
Ms. Foss poses for a photo at her graduation.

Ms. Foss and her siblings all grew up in Saint James as and went to Saint James High School, Foss announced, “I went to Saint James High school and graduated in 2014, I started college at Martin Luther College for early childhood. Then I switched my major and went to MSU in Moorhead, and there I went for teaching English in a second language.”

Foss is the oldest of her siblings, Foss passionately stated, “My mom and my dad live about two blocks away from the school, John transferred to Buena Vista Iowa, Maddie is in the National Guard and is going to be deployed, and Benji is a senior here this year.”

Ms. Foss
Ms. Foss poses for a photo during a hike.

When people think of goals for their year people normally struggle picking them out, Ms. Foss knew what her goals were right away, Foss commented, “I want to do my job and I want to do it well. I also want to get to know my students pretty well too, and hope that they’re learning.