Reading = Knowledge

Adriana Vite, Name Monitor

Adriana Vite
Mrs. Shores strikes a pose with her books.

Yes, reading builds your vocabulary. Yes, it makes you smarter. Reading can do more than you think. It can help grow your imagination, reduce stress or even distract you when you need a distraction. For those of you who don’t read often or not at all, I can imagine why you haven’t picked up a book.

There are basically three reasons as to why you haven’t been reading. Reason number one is because you are super busy and don’t have time to read; I have been in your shoes! The second reason is that you think it’s boring which I understand where you are coming from but reading can do wonders with your imagination. Finally, the last and third reason is that you don’t know which genre of book to read. Don’t worry, I think I can help with that! I recently asked Mrs. Shores how she would encourage others to read more and her response was a good one! “My husband failed 9th grade English because he didn’t like to read To Kill a Mockingbird but give him a Jason Bourne novel and he’ll finish it in two days. You need to find something that interests you.” I agree with you, Mrs. Shores!

There are tons of different authors and books that you can choose from, you just have to find something that catches your attention. Maybe one of Shores’s favorite authors can be yours too! Her two favorites are Mario Puzo who wrote The Godfather, which is Shores’s favorite book, and S.E Hinton who wrote The Outsiders. 

Go check out the St. James High School library or the public library in St. James at 125 5th St. S if this article inspired you to read more, which I hope it did. Get out there, get your imagination on and READ!