Ask Away

Dear Ask Away,

So I am applying to colleges and preparing for the future but I’m still trying to keep up with school, work, extracurriculars, and home life. Sometimes it can get so overwhelming and I just want to give up on all of it and sleep all day. How do I go about such a stressful life?

Sincerely, Stressed Out.




Dear Stressed-Out,

I completely understand, everyone gets overwhelmed and stressed eventually in life, it’s part of being human. Everyone has a different way of handling the weight of life, so what I would do may not be something that would help you out, but you can always change it and make it work for you. My experiences have caused a lot of stressed related anxiety, and I’ve learned that having a schedule/routine really helps. Planners can be a lifesaver, and if not a planner a piece of paper works just as well. Write out everything you have to do for that day, or week if you want to plan ahead, then write in order what you’ll do and the time you’re going to do it. Don’t try to fill the whole day with work and school though, make time for you to just relax, do something you like to do. You could watch a movie, play some video games, or go outside and hang out with your friends, maybe even a warm shower or bath. 

I hope this helps you out. Take everything one step at a time, you got this!