So many sports and so many more to add.


Karla Beck

Boys playing a fun game of volleyball.

Edna Herrejon, Name monitor

St. James has many sports like Cross Country, Tennis, Volleyball and many more; but can you guys imagine if we had a boys volleyball team! Tennis has a girl and boys team so does basketball.



Karla Beck.  Boys playing Volleyball during Homecoming week.

I asked Mr. Zellman what he thought about adding a boys volleyball team and he responded “Right now why there is not a boys volleyball team is because the Minnesota State High School League does not have it as a sport. I have heard and I am aware that in the Metro Area Twin cities there is some Volleyball Club taking place in the spring. Last year there was a proposal to the State High School League and the State High School League had rejected it at that point.”

Mr. Zellmann added that it could be a possibility someday, but if it were to come to our area, he isn’t sure if there’d be enough interest in schools in the surrounding area. He says,  “If volleyball would be added many more schools around us would also need to add the sport to get a schedule. Any time you add a sport it affects the numbers of people participating in other sports.” Mr. Zellmann doesn’t think that this is enough of a reason to completely say no to adding boy’s volleyball, but he says we have to consider what it will do for other sports’ participation numbers.

Karla Beck
Boys playing a fun game of Volleyball.

Mr. Zellmann also mentioned that volleyball most likely will not be added any time soon. It’s currently trending in the Twin Cities in the Metro Area. Boys Volleyball would have to grow more outside of the Metro Area and there could be a possibility of adding it in about 10- 20 years. If boys would make a big deal out of this sport maybe the 10-20 years time could be brought down.