Why Does Our School Have a Dress Code?


Gustavo Martinez and Nelson Aguilar shown following the dress code.

Emilio Garcia De La Cruz, Advertiser

Just like many other schools our school has a dress code, as a student, you may hear a lot of complaints about the dress code but if we didn’t have any set of standards at all, things could get weird. We’re told that dress codes are used to prevent clothes from being a distraction in the classroom and this can be very true. At the same time, there’s a lot more attention towards females than males which has caused a lot of tension. But if you think about it, when’s the last time you heard of a guy getting dress coded? Many females in a school with a strict dress code feel as if they’re being ‘watched’ on what they wear but guys aren’t. This has been a big controversy going on for a while and it can be true in some cases. If you happen to have this situation at your school, you have a voice like everyone else and can talk to your office about it or visit websites like Change.org which says it has more than 400 open petitions against individual school dress codes.

One female student said that dress codes are more towards females and that they’re more of the target saying it’s ‘sexist’. “We get dress coded as soon as a shoulder is seen but guys can wear a muscle shirt that shows everything.”

One male student said that he doesn’t really notice the dress code and feels that it “doesn’t really affect the boys, but teachers crack down on it more towards girls.”

Many people think that this code is unnecessary, but if we truly didn’t have a dress code, things could and probably would be more distracting than they are now.