A Snapshot into the Art Department


Adriana Vite and Edna Herrejon

Gustavo de Paola Silva. 12th Grade. Eagle Watching.


Art class in St. James High School is definitely underrated but not to Ms. Rolshoven. She loves what she does for a living. Her favorite classes to teach are Photography, Painting, 3D-Art, as well as Arts and Crafts. I took Arts and Crafts my sophomore year and may I just say that it was well worth my time. We did Huichol clay pots, Mardi Gras masks, and Mosaic art.

If you have even the slightest interest in art or anything connect with it, take the time and try Art class or any class that Ms. Rolshoven teaches. You won’t regret it!

When I asked Ms. Rolshoven which lesson (creating sculptures, painting, using pastels, or something else) she enjoys teaching,  she passionately responded with, “I think my greatest love is probably portrait drawing and so that is advanced drawing where students learn how to draw individual features and learn proper feature placement and learn to put it all together to create beautiful portraits.”



Photographed by: Jake Nelson. Flower project.

Many new classes have been added to our school, St James High School. One of the new classes that was added and has succeeded is Photography. Photography was not easy to include into the school, but it has worked. Many people who have graduated from St. James sometimes say, “Oh. I never had that class when I was in school!” Photography has affected this school in many different ways. It has taught students to not just know what is in front of them but to actually go see what it is they believe they have seen.

Photograhed by Jose Amarilas. Flower project.

In Ms. Rolshoven’s class she encourages students to take many pictures as long as it is always something interesting and maybe even something new to see.

People in our school are very fortunate to have Photography as a class, this is all thanks to Mrs. Mortwedt and the School District Foundation for  providing the equipment and money to buy supplies.

It is also a fabulous opportunity for some students, they could take Photography into consideration as a hobby or life career. Many graduates can go into Photography school or even do it as a side job like taking pictures for seniors. There is always doubt, when a student is staring a new class in school because they always want it to turn out very well but never know if it could take a turn.

Ms. Rolshoven mentioned that since this is a newer class, it is done differently than the previous year. She says that years ago students would go into a dark room and see the pictures appear, but now they are easily printed with all this technology. A photography class is all about “seeing what students do and the looks on their faces when they realize ‘I did it’ and it looks good,” THAT is her favorite part of the class.

Gustavo de Paola Silva. 12th Grade. Advertising Project.