Get Your VSCO On!


Adriana Vite

Gustavo Martinez, senior, poses for VSCO Girl Day

Adriana Vite, Name Monitor

The trend for this school year is  to be a VSCO Girl; a lot of people have been asking, “But what IS a VSCO Girl?” Let me explain what it is and how you can become one. VSCO was originally a photo editing app that is still available for you to find at the Apple or Play Store, but someone came up with ‘VSCO Girls’ by noticing a trend among the girls that used this app.

Being a VSCO Girl means you wear over-sized shirts or sweaters, scrunchies, Birkenstock sandals or Vans. You can’t forget about your Hydro Flask and metal straw to #savetheturtles! Seashell necklaces and friendship bracelets are, also, an important part of being a VSCO Girl.

Adriana Vite
Nick Friesen, senior, in full VSCO attire.

Seniors Gustavo Martinez, Troy Parulski, and Nick Friesen dressed as VSCO Girls for VSCO vs Frat Boy Day. Being a VSCO Girl for one day has definitely controlled Nick because when I asked him what his favorite part was about being a VSCO Girl, he responded with, “and I-oop…sksksksk.” These are common VSCO Girl sayings, so I’d say, he has the role down.

Junior Kelsey Grunewald said, “I just want to flex my scrunchies on everyone and puka shell necklace and wear baggy shirts because it’s so comfy,” when asked what her favorite part was.

Kelsey Gronewald, junior, shows off her VSCO scrunchies for the camera!

Senior Gustavo Martinez also says it was comfy and that the short shorts gave a ‘different environment.’

It seems many people like to dress as VSCO Girls. So, get out there all you VSCO guys and gals and #savetheturtles!