The “Sines” of a Good Math Teacher

Makenna Rotert, Social Media Coordinator

Short in stature. Good at Math. Works at Dairy Queen. You may have seen her around last year at the beginning of the New Year, even though she was here for part of last year she is still considered a new teacher. Who does this describe? If you guessed Ms. Rogers you’re correct!

Ms. Rogers
Ms. Rogers poses for a photo.

Ms. Rogers grew up in Saint James ever since she was little, Rogers mentioned, “I came back here because my parents live here, I went to school here. So it’s really nice to come back to where I know people and where I was”

Rogers works at Dairy Queen during her free time and during the school year, while it’s open, Rogers said, “I taught last year and that was my first year in Waseca before coming to Saint James in January to teach. I loved Waseca, I had two classmates that graduated from MSU with me there. They had a new mentor group for all new teachers and were very helpful with anything that I needed. I learned a lot in a few short months and felt welcomed even though I was just a long-term substitute.”

Since Rogers grew up in Saint James she went to Saint James High school, “I went to Saint James and graduated in 2013 I went to Minnesota State University, Mankato and graduated in 2018.”

Rogers is the middle child of her siblings Rogers expressed, “I have a mom and a dad, I have an older brother and a younger sister. In my little family, I have a German Shepard named Riley, a siamese cat named Chubs and a black and orange fluffy cat named Zelda.”

Setting goals for the school year sometimes may be harder than it seems, for Rogers she knew exactly what she wanted for this school year. Rogers stated, “I want to be more comfortable being a teacher and I want to get to know my students more because I am actually here for a full year and not just thrown into it.”