Homecoming Dodgeball !!


Edna Herrejon

Students make a dash to grab a ball for their team.

Edna Herrejon, Writer

Homecoming in St. James is very exciting, but the real craze at this school is playing dodge ball in the gym with staff members, all of middle school and high school students!

Students sign up by grades, there was a Google Form sent out by Mr. Froehling for students to sign up and be in the activity. It was also class color day and it really helps the whole grade for dodge ball teams, especially because by designing our own shirts it was easy to understand who was on which team. In the dodge ball activity, Mr. Schroeder announced the winning team and the next grade up to play.

During the staff game the Plaindealer reporter, Sean Ellertson, who you may recognize from basically all school events,  started to play with all of the high school staff. It was really cool to see him play, especially since we usually only see him watching our activities and taking pictures.

Students playing dodgeball. Picture taken by Edna Herrejon

Mr. Schroeder, our announcer and dodgeball official, says that the hardest part about having dodge ball is picking teams because they are randomly selected from the students that have signed up, so it is hard to have an even amount of girls and boys on each team. He hopes that we do dodge ball again, but with a different sign up process.

Schroeder thinks the hardest part of selecting teams is figuring out the numbers, he said that teams sometimes had more people who signed up than others, “that’s how it got really complicated to know what team wins.”


Also many people were offended that you had to sign up at the

Students posing for school picture after dodgeball game. Picture taken by Arica Connell.

time the email was sent and could no longer go play without signing up the day of the dodge ball activity, but Schroeder supports the email sign up. He said that this makes the process more fair for all students involved. The dodge ball list matters because because it helps keep track of all of the players and makes it easier to know what team wins. Schroeder also mentioned that PBIS points are really important for the events during this homecoming week or any other week because your PBIS points determine if you’re able to go to the event. So make sure that you are being Respectful, Responsible, and Safe so that you can participate in events in the future too.

Congratulations to the 7th grade red team led by Mr. Cooper and the 11th grade red team led by Mr. Demaris for being the last two teams standing!