Meeting the New Foreign Exchange Student


Roberto Campo

Roberto visits Lisbon, Portugal back in June

Jenessa Smith, Photo Editor

Ana Campo
Roberto taking pictures of Llanes, Spain16-year-old Roberto Campo came to St. James, MN as a foreign exchange student from Valencia, Spain. Roberto left Valencia, taking two flights to get here. The first one being ten hours from Madrid, Spain to Dallas, Texas and the second being 2 hours from Dallas to Minneapolis, MN arriving August 24th. He will complete his junior year here in St. James before he heads back to Spain in June.

Roberto will be staying with Benjamin Foss and his family. Benji states, “We met at the airport and I’m awkward so we didn’t talk a lot and he was tired but I was excited.” Roberto says that his favorite part of being here is highschool in general– “There’s less homework here than we have in Spain.” His favorite place is the St. James lake because “There aren’t many lakes in Valencia, we have the beach, but that’s not the same.” Come spring Roberto hopes to join tennis as he played in Spain. 

Roberto has also visited France, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. His favorite places so far are Amsterdam and Paris. He says, “Amsterdam is really different than any city I’ve been to before…Paris has a lot of history and it is very pretty.”  He wishes to visit Japan, Thailand, Greece, India, and Bali because there is a lot of history there as well, and he has never traveled to Asia. 

Get to know the foreign exchange student Roberto Compo, say hi to him in the halls, exchange stories if you’ve traveled too. St. James may not be first on his list of places he’s been to, but it could be top five. He’s willing to know as many people as he can, so don’t be shy! Follow Roberto on Instagram @robertocm__ to know more about him.

Acacia Foss
Roberto and Acacia Foss ride around at a fair