Learn the Facts About the Facs Teacher

Makenna Rotert , Social Media Coordinator

When we get a new teacher in the building we’re normally always curious about what they’re like, some students are not sure how to approach new teachers or what to expect while walking into their class. People mistake Ms. Olson for a student, but what her height lacks her kind heart makes up for it.

Ms. Olson

Even though Ms. Olson applied to different jobs she saw something stick out here more than the other schools, Olson stated, “I really like the diversity in this school, I feel like I will fit in pretty well here. I’ve had a few issues with students judging me when I student taught for the color of my skin, I want students to not like me for my teaching skills, not because of the color of my skin. Also, the other schools were really small and I wanted a bigger one”

Although Ms. Olson did not teach anywhere else, she has gained a lot of experience from what she has done. Olson mentioned, “I worked at a boys and girls club for four years, I also student taught but that is required to graduate.”

Ms. Olson lived in Luverne Minnesota since she was two years old, Olson said, “I went to Luverne high school and I went to college at South Dakota State University.”

Ms. Olson is the youngest of her siblings, she has two older brothers. Olson commented “One of my brothers has four kids and the other one has two kids. I may have different colored skin than my parents, but that’s only because I am adopted.”

People have goals for the school year and what their plans are, Olson expressed “I want to get to know my students more and better, even though it’s been a couple of weeks I feel like I’ve gotten to know them a pretty well and they’ve gotten to know me as well. I’m pretty much an open book about certain things because I want people to be able to trust me.”

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