Keep Calm and Visit the Social Worker

Makenna Rotert, Social Media Coordinater

April Skramstad
Mrs. Skramstad takes a selfie to share with the school newspaper.

Meeting the new social worker is always a difficult task. Each year students make a new relationship with the previous social worker and it is always hard to say goodbye and then attempt to start something brand new with yet another person. But remember, the school social workers in our life are people, too!

Just like us, school social workers have complex personal lives; Mrs. Skramstad has been married to her husband Peter for three years, they have a nine-year-old daughter named Zoie and a two-year-old son named Sulivan. When asked about her family, Skramstad passionately stated, “my daughter is nothing like me she is a girly girl, crazy loud, and super energetic I know she is going to do great things. My son is wild and will probably have a broken bone within the next year because he has no fear and it freaks me out.”

Mrs. Skramstad poses for a picture with her beautiful family.

Mrs. Skramstad comes to us from Mankato, where she grew up, she applied to many different places, but when she was in St. James for her interview she was very fond of the community. When the job was offered to her, she responded, “heck yeah!” After the excitement wore off, she was more nervous. “I was hesitant about the job,” she said, “because then I would have to commute, but after the interview and learning about the town and people I would be working with I was like, alright.” So you can take comfort in knowing that the wonderful personalities and faces in our school and town won her over.

This is Mrs. Skramstad’s first year in a school district as a social worker, Skramstad stated “I’ve worked in a school in Mankato before for two years as a para.”

Mrs. Skramstad went to high school at Mankato East, she did not go to college right away after high school; she said, “I waited a while to go to college, I went to South Central College for my general education then transferred to MSU for my social work program.”

Every year people have a plan for the year and what they want to accomplish, this year Skramstad wants to establish relationships and trust with the students. She expressed “I know no one knows me but I am a very nice person and I want to be able to help guide people in whatever direction they are headed.”

If you are interested in finding out about the new staff members in our schools, stay tuned; up next Ms. Olson!