Los Santos Soccer

Emilio Garcia De La Cruz, Writer

This year in Saint James our students who have the passion of soccer have the opportunity to be a part of a community co-ed competitive soccer team coached by Mrs. Erickson.

There have been many mixed feelings about this new sports team.

Mrs. Erickson, the new soccer coach, encourages students to join soccer because it is not just a sport, “it is a community that embraces all players that step on to the field.” She believes that soccer has the ability to allow students to be competitive and achieve success that is “not determined by past experiences, language, speed, or agility; but the ability to work as one.” Her goal for this year is for the community to embrace and support soccer within our schools and families.

Another influencer in our school, Mr. Enderson, says, “we need to offer the possibility of a soccer team” to recognize the “interesting and diverse student population” we have through soccer.