Mental Health

Jennifer Ramirez

Having good mental health as a student is very important, it can help you to achieve in school and with friends, family, and self confidence. For many students it’s hard to keep their mental health in a healthy state, and some students don’t notice that their mental health is slowly going into the garbage. 

What is good mental health? suggests that good mental health might include spending time with your family and friends and not distancing yourself from the world around us, having a support system like having someone to talk to about your problems when you’re unsure about what to do when you’re having conflicts, or being surrounded by people that support you and encourage you. Good mental health also includes not shaming yourself for doing things wrong and not being too hard on yourself. It is accepting that mistakes happen–they’re just part of life and a way to better yourself–and figuring out what you can do to avoid making the same mistake again. Positive vibes only !

What is poor mental health?

According to having poor mental health makes your life very difficult since this can affect your concentration which can lead to falling behind in school. This can make it harder to get caught up with assignments and tests. Not being motivated to do anything, not taking care of yourself both mentally and physically, a change in eating habits, feeling sad and being withdrawn from all social activities can all be a sign of declining mental health. Other signs of poor mental health might include having mood swings, lacking energy, harming yourself or others, and not talking to someone about your problems and bottling everything up to convince yourself that everything is going to be fine. 

Warning signs of going into a poor mental health lifestyle says that the following symptoms may be a warning sign of declining mental health:

  • A change in eating habits 
  • A change in your sleeping cycle like sleeping too much or little
  • Pulling yourself from activities
  • Feeling like nothing matters
  • Feeling down,
  • People around you asking if you’re alright, but not knowing how to explain yourself

Surround yourself with people that make you happy and check up on you. Remember that this article is not meant to be a diagnosis, if you have any of these symptoms, see the school Social Worker or  your doctor.

Finally, how do you achieve good mental health? recommends that you have someone to talk to whether it’s a family member, a friend, or going to therapy. Talking about your problems helps relieve the stress. Have a good sleep cycle which I know can be difficult in high school with so many assignments and activities. But go for it anyway! Having an outlet when things are getting out of hand like writing, drawing, or just spending time with your friends, can also be beneficial to your mental health. Good luck 😀