St. James’ Saintettes

Jenessa Smith

Two weeks before all of St. James’ other winter sports started the dance team was already starting with their practices. The team has two-three hours of team practice along with all the time the individual members practice on their own. I interviewed two members of the team, Mara Pauling and Kelsey Sagehorn. Mara stated, “Our season starts 2 weeks before all other winter sports.” I asked Kelsey about dance and her response was, “A lot of people seem to think that dance is easier than most other sports, which is a HUGE misconception. Every day we do a warm-up, then we do a full work out, just like every other sport. Then we go through the techniques we need to perfect for all our dances. Then the rest of the practice is spent learning and perfecting the dance we are focusing on that day.” St. James stared viewing dance as an MSHSL sport back in 2017, although, many other schools started viewing dance as a sport years ago.

One of my main goals this season for the overall team is to be able to walk off the dance floor and feel super confident and proud of ourselves. ”

— Mara Pauling

This year’s team is very young. With 20 girls, only three of them are upperclassmen, a junior along with one senior. There are 17 dancers and three managers. The captains of the dance team for this season are Kierra Curry and Sarah Solheid.

Right now the Saintettes are focusing on their dances for competition. Later on, they will be working on their Extravaganza performance.