Veterans Day Program

Adriana Vite, Social Media Coordinator

Stand. March. Salute. The annual Veterans Day Program was held on November 11 in the St. James High School Event Center. Students and community members sat in the gym while listening to Mr. Trickel give his speech about honoring our soldiers. He was very sincere when expressing his feelings about fallen soldiers and encouraging others to show gratitude to our veterans we see today.

The opening song, which was played by the St. James High School Band, directed by Karen Lahti, was the “Star-Spangled Banner.” The second piece she amazingly directed was “Stand Tall.”

When Mr. Trickel asked for anybody who served in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, and Air Force to stand up, Mr. Cooper, one of our very own teachers, stood proud, along with a handful of people in the crowd. Mr. Cooper was in the Army for 22 and a half years and within the Army was in the Signal Corps, so he was responsible for communications like satellites and computers. Even though he’s traveled to many different places like Panama, Thailand, Iraq, SaudiĀ  Arabia, etc, the hardest part of doing so was being away from his family.

Thank you to the Veterans, along with Mr. Trickel, who came in to show us the true value of what Veterans Day is really about. Lastly, a big thank you to any Veteran in the world, we appreciate you. Thank you for your service.