Cross Country State Champions Return


Adriana Vite

Boys Team

The crowd was big, the cheers were huge, it was a fine day to watch Cross Country in Northfield at St. Olaf College. The MSHSL Cross Country Meet was held on November 2nd where you were able to watch Troy Parulski, Mauricio Vite, Jackson Miest, Seth Pierson, Juan Castaneda, Caleb Rivera, Marco Crispin, and Poala Acevedo represent the St. James High School Cross Country Team; with Austin Knickerham and Benjamin Foss as Alternatives.

Ricardo Vite
Senior, Troy Parulski leaves the competition in the dust.

As you already know, the Boys Cross Country team finished 3rd at state. Running at State has been a great accomplishment for the senior boys. They have been able to go to state for 3 years in a row! According to Jackson, the team was hoping for more but most were pretty satisfied with their podium finish. 

Ricardo Vite
The face of determination. Junior, Juan Castaneda.

Running Cross Country seems like a very individual sport, but you really have the team to think about, says Jackson. Mauricio says that his motivation to run during a race are also his teammates because he knows they want it as bad as he does.

Ricardo Vite
Senior, Mauricio Vite kicks it into the finish line.

Fans might be very surprised to find out that Caleb had a bloody nose right before the start of the race. He feels he placed pretty well, ranked 21st, but it wasn’t his best time which is why improving his time is his personal goal for next year. Marco’s favorite thing about State was the journey to get there and being able to go up with his friends. 


Girls Individuals

For girls Cross Country, Paola Acevedo went to state individually. Paola believes she has improved from last year to this year for state seeing that last year she placed around 76 but coming back for state this year she ranked 37 out of 175 girls, which is pretty awesome. The girls Varsity for Cross Country include Norely Sanchez, Diana Rodriguez, Maritza Rodriguez, and, of course, Paola Acevedo.

Ricardo Vite
Senior, Paola Acevedo running at state.

I wish I had more time because I have so much left in me that I wish I could bring out there.”

— Paola Acevedo

When asked how she felt about running one last time for the St. James Cross Country Team while at state, Paola’s response was, “During the moment I was so excited rather than nervous which I think really helped during my race, and post-season I feel really sad, I wish I had more time because I have so much left in me that I wish I could bring out there.”


If you want to be part of a sport family, join cross country. From what I have seen, this team is a group of close-knit individuals who support and care for one another.