Title 1 Squad

Makenna Rotert, Writer

Many people do not know what a Title 1 Reading Interventionist, Reading interventionists work extensively with students to help them improve specific reading skills such as letter-naming, initial sounds, phoneme
segmentation, and comprehension strategies. Ms. Rutscher is the new Title 1 Reading Interventionist at Northside!

Ms. Rutscher poses for a photo

When I asked Ms. Rutscher about why she chose Saint James, her response was; “I have always wanted to work in a rural, small community. I really love small communities.”

I asked Ms. Rutscher if she taught anywhere else, her response was; “No, this is my first year teaching.” Just because this is her first year, I think that she will be very good at her job.

Ms. Rutscher actually grew up near Saint James. Rutscher stated, “I graduated from Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s High school. I recently graduated from Winona State University with a double major in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I also minored in Reading Instruction.”

When I asked Ms. Rutscher about her family, she passionately expressed; “I am the oldest of 5 children, so I have spent my life tutoring my siblings. That is a large reason why I was interested in becoming a teacher. One of my brothers struggled with reading, so I learned some different tools and strategies about reading that helped him.”

Ms. Rutscher knew exactly what her goals were for this year. Rutscher mentioned, “As a Title 1 Reading Interventionist, my plans for the year are to aid students that struggle with reading by teaching them reading strategies. My biggest goal is to cultivate a love of reading among the students.”