Dream Team Aka 5th Grade Teachers

Makenna Rotert, Writer

When we get new teachers, we normally are not sure how to react around them, but she is someone that helps students grow and get ready for middle school. This is Ms. Sveen’s first year as a fifth grade teacher and she is doing a great job. Not only does she want to help the students, but she also wants to be involved in the community which says a lot.

Ms. Sveen shares a photo with the school newspaper

Ms. Sveen chose to teach at Saint James for a couple of reasons. Sveen said, “I chose Saint James because I enjoy living in a small community where I can become involved in events of the community. Another reason I chose Saint James is because it is close to my hometown of Janesville, MN.”

This is not Ms. Sveen’s first year teaching, it seems that she has had some experiences with teaching. Ms. Sveen stated, “I taught in De Smet South Dakota for three years before teaching in Saint James. During those three years at De Smet, I taught one year in second grade and two years in fourth grade.

Ms. Sveen’s grew up about an hour away from Saint James, when I asked her about where she went to school her response was; “I attended Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton High School located in Janesville, MN. I spent my college years at Dakota State University located in Madison, SD.”

When I asked Ms. Sveen about her family, she expressed; “My Fiancee, Cole, and I recently bought our first home in Saint James.”

Ms. Sveen knew exactly what her goals were for this year, and she’s got more than one. Sveen mentioned, “My plan for this school year is to help my fifth grade students learn, achieve a goal, and to help instill a belief in themselves for when they head off to middle school next year.”