Team 2nd Grade

Makenna Rotert, Writer

Throughout school you have many different teachers that you interact with, some remember all their teachers back from Kindergarten and others don’t. I believe that this second-grade teacher will make such a great impact on these students, like the other teachers that they’ll remember her. You’re wondering who this teacher is? Well, give it up for Mrs. Malmgren.

Mrs. Malmgren
Mrs. Malmgren shares a photo of herself with us!

When Mrs. Malmgren chose Saint James she had many things she had many good factors for choosing her decision, Mrs. Malmgren has been apart of the community since she has been in high school. Malmgren stated; “I grew up in Saint James and my family lives here. I also love the small-town atmosphere!”

This is Mrs. Malmgren’s first year teaching 2nd grade, but she still has experience teaching. Malmgren said, “After college, I taught Preschool for Head Start in St. James, I taught ECFE for the Martin County West School District, and then I opened up my own private Preschool in our home- later opening up a daycare center along with my preschool program (KinderReady Preschool and Daycare Center).  I then taught for the VPK Preschool program within the St. James School District. I am now teaching 2nd grade.”

Since Mrs. Malmgren grew up in Saint James she attended school in Saint James, Malmgren mentioned; “I graduated high school from Saint James High School, and I graduated college from Minnesota State University.”

When I asked Mrs. Malmgren about her family she went into details, Malmgren said; “we have three daughters. Madelyn is in 7th grade, Reese is in 4th grade, and Kendall is in 2nd grade. My husband is a lineman for South Central Electric. We enjoy doing anything outdoors: we especially love to be at the lake in the summer and going for bike rides and walks.”

When setting goals for the year not only do you think about what you want to accomplish, but you also think of what you want your students to accomplish as well. Mrs. Malmgren knew what her goals were right away, Malmgren expressed; “I am excited to be teaching 2nd grade this year! It is a definite change from Preschool, but I love it so far! I plan to learn as much as I can from my wonderful team of 2nd-grade teachers along with teachers at Northside. I want my room to be a safe place for all students and to create the best learning environment for them this year.”