Helping Students in a Second Language

Makenna Rotert, Writer

There are students that come to our schools not knowing how to speak English, but there are teachers that help students learn English as a second language. Mrs. Seegert is the new ESL teacher at Northside, she comes to us with experience and she is eager to help the students learn. Not only is she making an impact to the community, she is also making an impact on the students as well.

Mrs. Seegert
Mrs. Seegert shares a lovely photo of her family with the school newspaper

When having to choose where you work there are many factors that portray in choosing, Mrs. Seegert knew exactly why she chose Saint James. Seegert said, “We came to Saint James about a year ago and we saw that the community was very welcoming and we liked the values that the community had, we especially liked the diversity in the community and all of the opportunities it presents.”

Mrs. Seegert not only has experience teaching elementary ESL, but she also has experience with teaching other grades. Seegert stated, “Previous to this job I taught high school Spanish for six years levels 1-5 in Lancaster Wisconsin, I taught there for four years and in another city for two years. This is my first time only being elementary, but four of the six years I taught elementary ESL.”

Even though Mrs. Seegert did not grow up around Saint James, were still glad she came to Saint James. When I asked her about her schooling, Seegert Mentioned; “for high school I went to Wausa East and it was a very big school there were about 1,500 students, for college I went to Saint Olaf and during college I went and lived in Chile for a little bit and after college I went and lived on Galapagos Islands.”

When I asked Mrs. Seegert about her family, she got a big smile on her face and passionately expressed, “My husband and I have been married for about five years, and I have a one-year-old daughter and her name is Olivia.

Every teacher has goals for the school year and what they want to accomplish when I asked Mrs. Seegert she knew exactly what she wanted to accomplish. Mrs. Seegert said, “I want to learn better about my students and to see how I can best meet their needs.”