Suggestions for Your Questions


A few weeks ago, a student from the St. James high school newspaper sent out a Ask Away Google Form. Here are a few answers to your submitted problems:


“Why do we have 7 hours of detention for missing one day of school? Like yeah I know that it’s because I missed a whole day. But it doesn’t make sense, like what if I can’t make it to detention in the morning or afternoon?”

 Dear Detention Contributor,

I asked Mr. Hildebrandt this question and his answer was pretty simple. 

“There are 7 hours in a day and you attend detention for the 7 hours that you missed, it used to be 2 hours per hour that you missed, but we changed it to one”



“Why can’t we have second chance on Wednesdays anymore?”

 On Wednesday mornings teachers get time to attend their required meetings. This is why class starts at 8:30, and it also gives you extra time to eat in the morning. The reason we can’t eat second chance breakfast in class anymore is because some students would leave food under their desks, spill milk, and trash cans would be full of nasty flies, and all of these problems have been resolved by staying in the cafeteria and eating there.



“Why can’t 8th graders use phones during lunch when all the preschoolers do it.”

Let’s not over exaggerate, preschoolers can’t use their phones during the school day.

Our school wants you to socialize and talk to each other face to face, there has been less drama during lunch, and students are playing soccer and basketball outside. Our school wants you to make wise choices with electronics, and some are too immature for that privilege for electronics during lunch time.