Girls “Love” Tennis

Doubling Up on Talent


Juniors, Gabriela Trapero and Samantha Tetzloff smile for the camera after their match.

Adriana Vite and Emily Gronewold

Teamwork makes the dream work. Doubles matches are all about working well with your partner and communicating with one another. 

Samantha Tetzloff + Gabriela Trapero

Two individuals who show what it is like to work and communicate well together are Sam and Gabby. They make great doubles partners. They always build each other up and cheer for one another. Their high-fives are the loudest on any of the 8 courts. When asked how it felt playing with one another, Sam answered, “With doubles, it’s kind of an adjustment because each person has their own strengths and weaknesses, but honestly it wasn’t that big of a change for either one of us, I think.” The change must have worked well because they play together like they’ve been doing it their whole high school careers. 

The girls have worked very hard all season. Their doubles score ended at 18 wins – 7 losses. Everybody’s team effort was amazing and according to Gabby, “the St. James Girls Tennis Team wasn’t in anybody’s radar when the season started but finishing 2nd in sections and having 2 girls go up to State, is pretty amazing for the team.” Sam added on to Gabby’s comment, “I think we stepped up a ton especially losing 5 seniors on the varsity roster and having to fill in those spots, I think we did way better than anyone expected.”

Emily and I asked who they think the captains will be for next Tennis season, Sam’s reply was, “I know Ellie will be one for sure,” Gabby added, “Maybe Jaelyn,” said Gabby, “ Or maybe it will be a 3-way tie between Mya, Sam, and I.

Sofia Solarzano 

Sofia Solarzano has had a good season this year and she is excited to see what next season has in store for them! Sofia played #3 doubles this year with her partner Lexi. When I asked Sofia about her partner Lexi Whitney, her response was, “she was definitely a good partner and I will, of course, miss her next season!”

Senior, Alexia Whitney, and Junior, Sofia Solarzano watching Girls State Tennis.

 Some of Sofia’s highlights were playing at the Section Tournament, but she also had some doubts which were getting down on herself during matches or crying at sections when she lost. Sofia thinks next season will be harder than this season, but says, “we just have to keep up the hard work as a team,” she added, “In the end we’re family, so all that matters is that.” This Tennis family is one that you definitely want to keep your eye on.

I highly recommend you go watch girls Tennis next fall even if you do not fully understand how it all works. Go show your team support and school spirit! Some people struggle with the fact that you do have to be fairly quiet while watching Tennis, but come and watch us and you can still give a little cheer for the girls if they give a nice serve or make a nice volley, whatever it may be.