Girls “Love” Tennis

Journey to State


Les Zellmann

Sophomore, Jaelyn Haler and Junior, Ellie Becker smile for the camera at State!

Adriana Vite and Emily Gronewold

Ellie Becker + Jaelyn Haler

The beginning of the 2019 Tennis season has been a victorious one for the girls. They have had a couple of challenging matches against different schools but also some very fun and effortless matches. The overall team season record turned out to be 21 wins – 4 losses which is pretty good considering we played against a couple of tough teams; Blue Earth and Fairmont being the toughest teams this year.


Singles is a different game than doubles, singles is individual whereas doubles you really have to trust and rely on your partner. For this year, Ellie played #1 singles while Jaelyn played #2 singles, but for State they were brought together as doubles partners. If you’ve seen Ellie or Jaelyn play then you know how easy they make playing Tennis look. 


“For singles we both had 25 wins, individually, and we’ve both had pretty good records throughout the season,” said Ellie.


When asked how they felt about the seniors leaving, Jaelyn responded, “Sad, because they’re your friends and you get really close to them and then you basically say goodbye and you don’t see them next season.” 


Journey to State


Les Zellmann
Ellie and Jaelyn running for the ball.

The MSHSL for Girls Tennis was October 21-22, where you were able to see Ellie and Jaelyn play for St. James High School. Although they were the only ones to go to State, they still had the teams and everybody’s love and support from near and far. One of the key things to remember is to have fun and that’s one of the things they remembered while being there. 


When we asked what their thoughts were about State, Jay answered, “I feel like there is going to be some tough competition, but I feel like we both hit better when we’re playing against tougher people.” Ellie added,  “It’s really exciting and it’s an accomplishment just to get there.”


They had a good run and I, along with everybody else, am excited to see what next year has in store for them.