Girls “Love” Tennis

Senior Edition


Les Zellmann

The varsity girls at Section Individuals.

Luci Kulseth

Luci Kulseth is a senior at St. James High School who has been playing Tennis for many years and will continue to play while in college but most likely for a club Tennis team. It is her favorite sport, so even if she doesn’t play for club Tennis, she would still love to play in her free time. She is a co-captain along with Ellie Becker and Noel Westcott.  Luci as a co-captain felt as if she could “contribute to the team and help build the team together”. 

Luci Kulseth recieves her medal from Coach Zellmann.


When we asked about her highlights from this year.  Luci responded, “I’d say my sections individuals match because I played a 3 hour 40 minute match against Claire Nemmers from Fairmont and my sets were 6-1, I won the first set, the second set was 4-6, and I ended up losing the 3rd set, 5-7, but I think that was personally the best match I’ve ever played and the longest match… so that was really fun.” Wow, what a beast! That match should definitely go down in the books! 


Of her feelings about her last year playing high school Tennis, Luci said,  “I am very sad… I’m going to miss this so much because I love high school and it’s just so much fun to surround yourself with people who make you happy and you want to be with for the rest of your life , so leaving them is going to be really hard.”


Being a senior in sports or in school activities is always hard because you build friendships, then soon realize the friendships you have built in high school will soon come to an end and you won’t see those as much as you used to. 


Lexi Whitney 

Lexi Whitney played on varsity for the first time this year. She played #3 doubles and her partner was Sofia Solarzano. She was nervous about playing with Sofia at first because she had been playing with Emma Zender since Junior High, but it all worked out and they played well together. Her season this year was good. 


Senior, Alexia Whitney and Junior, Sofia Solarzano watching Girls State Tennis.

She improved a lot this year and was able to do things she wasn’t able to do a couple of years ago. Some of Lexi’s highlights are that they made it to sections and also being with the team and coaches. Some of her difficulties were her serves and not making it to State. Knowing this was her last year playing for St.James High School Girls Tennis Team, she went back to the courts by herself and thought “this is it, I’m done playing as an athlete of St.James.” 


There are two more senior girls that played for the Girls Tennis Team this year, but they were unavailable for comments and interviews.