Study Help

Anonymous, Editor in Cheif

Getting back on that study grind is pretty hard and there were some questions that were left in the AskAway section about how to better your study habits. 

“When is the best time to do homework?”

The best time to do homework would be to do it right after you were given the assignment, all of the information is still fresh in your memory so doing assignments would be easier to do at school and during academy time, and you could also ask for help. Out of school it would be best to do your homework right after school since, again, the information is still fresh in your mind, but we all work differently, so you should do homework at different times of the day and see what you’re most comfortable with.

“What are some really good study methods that will be most effective for preparing for tests?”

  • Doing homework and practice problems
  • Take breaks, you don’t want your brain to burn out, so make sure to stretch and tidy up your work space during those breaks
  • Stay hydrated
  • Set goals for when you’re studying

“I have tried every way possible to concentrate on my homework at home, but I still can’t get anything done. Any suggestions?”

Get rid of any distractions and listening to music is what is most effective for me, try your best to stay focused and take breaks when you need it, but also studying with a friend could help as well. If not, I would try to finish most homework during the school day, once you get home you won’t have a load of homework waiting for you.


I hope this article gave you some ideas on how to improve your studying.