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Luisa Trapero

St James Concert Choir sit on the Worthington high school bleachers waiting to perform at Big South Choir Festival.

My last article was based on the perspective of music from our band and choir directors, but what about the students’ perspective? That was a question I was willing to figure out through a few interviews and a couple more questions.

Why join?

Jovana Rodriguez
Nicholas Brey gives a small wink to the camera as his picture is taken.

Some students may wonder as to why kids join band or choir. Why not just appreciate music made by other artist? Gabriela Trapero is a Junior who participates in both band and choir. She is a section leader in band for the trumpet section. She also sings for the vocal section of Soprano 1 in Concert Choir. Here’s what she had to say when asked why she joined, “I decided to join band because it is the best thing to learn how to play an instrument and read all the notes.” as for choir she explained “I decided to join choir because like you have to put yourself out there.” This is understandable to those who like to be recognized around our school and show off their skills. Nicholas Brey who is also a Junior replied. He is a section leader in both band and choir, a drum major in band, sings for the vocal section of tenor in Concert Choir, and plays saxophone for Concert Band. He replied “I’ve just always had a thing for music, it just always tugs my heart strings for some reason. It’s really weird, I don’t know anyone who it affects the same way.” this I found wholesome and I’m sure many music lovers can relate to this response.

Students & The Impact of Music

Gabriela Trapero
Miguel Martinez holds up a Hydroflask as he is photographed.

While interviewing students, I asked them what music meant to them. Kelsey Sagehorn is a Junior who participates in both band and choir. She is a drum major for band, plays the trombone and sings for the vocal section of Soprano 1. She responded by stating “It means a lot. After high school I plan on going into something music related, so obviously it’s a big part of my life if I want to do it for the rest of my life. I think that every song has a story.” she added to the last bit of her response by saying “If you listen to the lyrics, you can find something in them. It can be different for everyone because everyone looks at everything differently around the world.” this I found very wholesome and true. Lastly, I asked Miguel Martinez the same question. Miguel is a senior and a section leader in choir for the vocal part of base. He responded with “Music means a lot to me. I listen to music a lot, I’ve always listened to music since maybe I was a kid. I remember getting my first MP3 player when I was maybe five?”

Music & Emotions

Daisy Trejo
Destiny Sawatzky and Nimsy Tobar pose for the camera in the school cafeteria.

Music sends signals to our brains depending on the beat or rhythm of a song, this affects our mood. For instance, a fast beat signals excitement and a more slow beat that gives off strong pressure, signals the feeling of sadness. Songs usually made in major key are the type of songs that adults and teens find the most joyful or happy. Through the response from other questions I had asked previously, it was clear to see how music affects the mood of students at our school.  During her response from another question, Destiny Sawatzky who is a Sophomore that participates in choir, singing the vocal part of an Alto 1, described how it affects her mood. In one of her responses she states “It makes me happier and it motivates me to do things whenever I’m in a bad mood.” another student of the same grade had a similar response. Nimsy Tobar who is a Sophomore and sings for the vocal section of Alto 2 in Concert Choir states during one of her answers, “I just get happy when I sing, cause it distracts you from everything else.” Both responses relate in music creating happy emotions as expected from research. This makes listening or even creating music a positive affect on people of all ages.

Amy Sagehorn
Kelsey Sagehorn lovingly wraps her arms around her dog, Max.

Genres of music

As a fun question, I asked some students I interviewed what their favorite genre of music was. Kelsey Sagehorn says during her interview “I listen to a lot of different stuff but I would probably have to say like rock, alternative rock.” meanwhile during another interview I receive a different response. This response comes from Miguel Martinez who thought for a while then replied “Pop or Hip-hop honestly.” This leaves me wondering, what is our readers’ favorite music genre? Let’s find out!



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Anahi Rodriquez casually leans against a tree as she is photographed.

Some students not involved in band or choir may be unsure of whether or not to join either one or both. Here’s a bit of advice coming from Anahi Rodriguez. She is a Freshman that plays clarinet in Concert band and sings the vocal part of a soprano for Varsity Choir. She simply says “Go for it! Try something new.” which is the perfect statement for anyone willing to try it out. Gabriela Trapero had a similar but equally simple response as she replied with “Go for it! Full send!” which personally I found spontaneous and hilarious at the same time.

With every question and response given from some of the students you see passing by in the halls to their classes everyday, I hope this gives students here at school not only the courage to join band or choir, but to encourage others to join as well. Take a risk and remember “Full send!”.