Spooky Movie Marathon

Angela Soto

We recently did a poll on what your favorite Halloween activity was. Watching scary movies was voted number one of your favorite activities. Here I will be giving you three movies you could enjoy: A modern horror movie, an old horror movie, and a more kid-friendly horror movie with a brief description.

A Quiet Place

Set in the future where every step you take can be your end, a quiet place is a horror movie with no sound. A thriller where one small sound can lead to your death.

The Shining

Still giving adults a scare to this day, where could you go wrong with a classic? A story of a man and his family terrorized by the hotel they’re staying at. 


This movie may not seem frightening now that you’re older, but watching this movie as a kid gave people many nightmares. It’s about a little girl who finds a key to a mysterious door, but what’s behind that door should have been kept unknown.