It’s Always a Special Time With Mr. Aukes



Students work hard to catch up on assignments in LEAP.

Emilio Garcia De La Cruz, Advertiser

Maybe you’ve seen them around, but you wonder what the Special Education teachers in our school do. Unlike regular teachers who focus on teaching academics, Special Ed teachers have an additional focus. They teach academics too, but they also must act as an advocate for their students with special needs. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Aukes, Mr. Wargula, Mrs. Carson, Mrs. Geistfeld, and Ms. Hillesheim are all Special Ed teachers at  Saint James Middle School High School.

Mr. Aukes was kind enough to give some insight into the world of Special Education.

Mr. Aukes smiles for the camera

Now you might not have his class, but Mr. Aukes is teaching his third year here at Saint James Public School as a High school Special Education teacher. His job at our school in his words is “to assist struggling students who have a difficult time in certain subject areas.”

As a new student attending this school, Mr. Aukes has to be one of my favorite teachers, his class is a class where I can get my homework done and if I need help he is there more than happy to help. He’s encouraging and makes school less stressful.

According to, “Special education provides students with identified disabilities specialized instruction designed to meet their unique learning needs, giving them the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.” Mr. Aukes’s students have a hard time learning in certain subject areas, which is why they’re there; for him to be able to help his students and make it fun for them is unique. Students say he’s “super chill,” “he helps us very well,” and one student even referred to him as “really down to earth.”

Special Education overall is a very valuable service for any student with a disability struggling in school. One important thing that students should know about Special Education is that the students there are not there because they are less intelligent than everyone else; we are all the same, we have our strengths, we have our weaknesses, Special Education is just one way to cope with the difficulties some students endure.