Lucky Numbers of the month (October)

I know what you’re thinking. “How does this work?” It works in a funny way, you have to find it yourself. Look at your numbers and think, does this relate to my everyday life? Seeing the numbers periodically is a sign of good luck. Say your lucky numbers are 4, 8, and 10. You may find yourself looking at the time and seeing that it’s 1:08, you might find 4 cents in your pocket, or perhaps we could go as far as to say you were born on April 10th. It’s all about keeping a sharp eye out for them. 

Aries: 3 and 10

Taurus: 10, 7, and 2

Gemini: 3 and 4

Cancer: 9 and 8

Leo: 10 and 6

Virgo: 10, 1, and 2

Libra: 8, 7, and 9

Scorpio: 2, 6, and 5

Sagittarius: 10, 5, and 8

Capricorn: 10 and 4

Aquarius: 2 and 8

Pisces: 2, 5, and 4


Disclaimer: This article is strictly meant for entertainment purposes only! I am not a trained astrologist!