Mr. Dawson, Your Princi-Pal!


Mr. Dawson

Mr. Dawson takes a selfie for the school newspaper

Makenna Rotert, Writer

As you know Northside got a new principal this year, his name is Mr. Dawson. From what I have seen and what I have heard he cares about the students tremendously, the staff has been very welcoming to him. As I have witnessed from his Twitter page he is enjoying being principal and is having fun getting to know his students. If you don’t have the chance to meet him in person, send him an email or just stop on over and say “Hi.”

Mr. Dawson
Thumbs up for Mr. Dawson!!

When choosing a job you look at everything, not only did Mr. Dawson did that he wanted to make a difference in our schools. Mr. Dawson stated, “I chose Saint James it was an opportunity to get experience as a principle, as well as the chance to help make an impact in a small rural community and help bring a different perspective. Coming from South Saint Paul teaching 5th-grade last year, to coming into this administrative position it’s been a great opportunity to meet staff and students and to help push forward Northside Saint James public schools.” 

Though this is not his first time working in a school, it is Mr. Dawson’s first year of being a principal, and he seems to be doing a pretty good job.  Of this career, he said, “Most recently, I was teaching 5th grade and 4th grade in Saint Paul for the past 7 years and I have also taught at Pawnee elementary school in Omaha Nebraska.”

Mr. Dawson did not grow up near Saint James at all, he actually grew up a little over two hundred and thirty-two miles away. But he came to Minnesota to further his education, Dawson mentioned, “I grew up in a small town in Blair Nebraska and went to Blair High school. From there my undergrad was at Creighton University where I ran cross country, then from there we moved to Minnesota I completed my masters in educational leadership in Concordia, Saint Paul as well as my educational specialist license.”

Since Mr. Dawson did not grow up around here he is new to the area, but he is not new to Minnesota. He lived in Saint Paul for a few years, Dawson said, “We live right here in Saint James my wife is staying at home with the kids, we have a 3-year-old son named Quinn and a 7-month-old daughter Riley.”

Mr. Dawson
Mr. Dawson takes a picture with a student.

For goals this year he is focused on one of the new programs they have this year, Dawson stated, “We’re focusing on a dismissal program called pick my kid and to help make our dismissal process more streamlined and safer for the students as also a way that parents can make changes within their students daily dismissal plans and as well as focusing on preparing our report cards for the 2020-2021 standard based report cards.” Not only is Mr. Dawson focusing on these goals, but he is also trying to get involved with the students this year.